APC by Schneider Electric Back UPS PRO – BR1200SI – UPS 1200VA (8 IEC outlets, LCD interface, sinewave power output)

APC Back-UPS Pro provide battery backup and surge protection ideal for your home, home office or small business.
The new Back-UPS Pro models are equipped with premium features including increased runtime and power capability for your critical electronics.

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APC Back-UPS Pro BR1200SI


High-Performance Battery Backup and Surge Protection

APC Back-UPS Pro BR1200SI is the next generation power protection solution. The BR1200SI is now equipped with sinewave output increased runtime and power capability and the latest high-performance manageability features.

BR1300MI BR1200SI BR1600SI
APC Back-UPS Pro BR1300MI APC Back-UPS Pro BR1200SI APC Back-UPS Pro BR1600SI
Battery Power 780W / 1300VA 720W / 1200VA 960W / 1600VA
Battery/Surge Outlets 6/2 6/2 6/2
Sinewave Power Output No Yes Yes
USB Ports No Type A & C Type A & C
Voltage Regulation Yes Yes Yes
Runtime at 100 watts 73 mins 65 mins 82 mins
  • The APC Back-UPS PRO Series offers guaranteed battery backup and surge protection for high performance computer systems, networks, external storage devices, game consoles and other electronics.
  • LCD interface – Quick and easy to read, provides information about the utility and UPS conditions
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) instantly corrects voltage fluctuations so you can work indefinitely through brownouts and overvoltage. 2 USB charging ports (type A/ type C)
  • 8 Outlets total (IEC) – 6 battery backup outlets with surge protection – 2 outlets surge protection only. Pure sinewave on output
  • Includes: APC Back UPS Pro, User Manual, Shutdown-Software



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